Weekly challenge 6 – shadows

Due to the Riverfire, we took two weeks to complete week 6 assignment, but unfortunately I don’t have many photos to present today. Shadow is a very interesting subject, and one that few people pay attention to, as we are usually drawn to the lights. It is a good exercise to train your eyes to see beyond objects, and also to understand the effect that the position of the light has on them. It was decided that, to make the most of it, Bruno and I would team up to do the challenge, since I had some ideas that could put both of us in the frame – meaning one “real” person + one’s shadow. We didn’t have enough space for that, though, because we were supposed to shoot with the Canon 70-200 @ 200mm, so the only photo worthy showing is my very own portrait.

Luckily, this last Friday I left work mid-afternoon, so immediately grabbed the camera and went for a walk to enjoy the beautiful sunlight, and that’s when I took the other photos.

Hope you like it, and see you all very soon 🙂


Next Time: FOOD!!



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