Weekly challenge 2 – cityscapes

Before I start writing about the assignment, I would like to explain how Brisbane is for those who haven’t been here (and I dare say this applies to most of the major cities in Australia).

Unlike the big cities in Brazil, for example, where you have tall buildings basically in every suburb, in Brisbane the residential areas contain only houses with just a few buildings here and there, while all the skyscrapers are located in the city centre, also known as CBD (Central Business District). This arrangement makes for an impressive view, especially if you are coming from the suburbs and can see that massive and bright concrete jungle standing out from everything else. For that reason, all the pictures I took this week were around the CBD, and I hope you can understand why.

The combination lens/subject was not a problem at all, since I drew a wide-angle lens (Tokina 11-16mm) and had to shoot at 11mm only. There’s a LOT of distortion at this focal length – the buildings look like they are leaning sideways – and the real challenge was to fix it in post production. Sometimes it was just not possible!

After a week carrying around camera and tripod everyday – 80% of the time for nothing, as traffic or weather were not helpful – and with a sore back at the time of this post, I can only say that Brisbane is such a beautiful city and I’m extremely happy to live here.  It took me only a trip on the CityCat, from the University of Queensland to New Farm, to fall in love with the city again! So my piece of advice is: if you live here, get out more often and enjoy. If you don’t live here, come visit. But if you can’t, then get out and explore what your own city has to offer – you will probably be surprised 🙂


Next time: SOAP BUBBLES!!



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Photographer based in Brisbane, Australia.

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